Autism Therapy App is a first of its kind – it provides an original digital therapeutic program for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), aiming to improve their cognitive as well as social skills. The purpose of this app is to increase the child’s functional independence, thus improving their quality of life. After a thorough assessment by the parent and of the child, Autism Therapy App will provide a comprehensive personalized therapy program that matches the child’s level. The child will then be guided through their sessions by an animated avatar of their choice. All of the data from the sessions will be stored within the app so that the parent can keep track of their child’s progress. As the child progresses, the program will progress accordingly. If need be, you are able to contact a live therapist through the app to ask any questions. Autism Therapy App is made possible by cutting edge technology such as eye-tracking, body-tracking, and the programming of AI advised by therapists and psychologists to make sure the child stays engaged as much as possible.   Autism Therapy App’s goal is to allow children to receive high quality therapy from the comfort of their homes, at whatever time may be convenient to them.

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