We are currently working to address developmental disorders that affect children, as the number of children who are diagnosed with such disorders is on the rise. The CDC reported that approximately 1 in 59 children worldwide was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in 2018. The demand for behavior therapists to work with the developmental delays caused by ASD is very high, however, the availability of therapy services is not enough and delays intervention. Early intervention is the most effective way to treat and to minimize the symptoms of ASD, developmental delays and ADHD.

We are developing an AI based app to treat/alleviate the symptoms of ASD, based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy. We will implement ABA therapy through our app, which will not require any intervention by human therapists. The ABA treatment can be provided anywhere, anytime. The app will provide consistent therapy, unlike what human therapists can provide, as our AI app will involve a machine learning (ML) mechanism, by which children can constantly learn and improve. It will provide personalized programs that fit each user’s needs, and the AI instruction will progress according to the user’s improvement.

Additionally, we are researching genetic sequencing to explore (through the use of AI) the genetic footprint in order to find any possible relationship between the genetic sequence and ASD/ADHD. We will further explore the effectiveness of our AI therapy through our app, comparing the genetic sequencing of before and after the use of the ABA therapy app. We will also explore EEG patterns and changes in EEG after the use of our ABA therapy app.

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