Dr. Mayank Singh

Founder and CEO, IMPUTE Inc.

Dr. Mayank Singh was educated in India and Japan, earning a doctorate in Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineering from Gunma University, Japan. He has also completed a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Temple University, Fox School of Business Management. He has worked with IBM and Sumitomo Bakelite in the area of high-performance computing. Mayank decided to pursue his passion in AI and Digital therapeutics by founding IMPUTE Inc., a Tokyo-based company.

Hirofumi Hamanaka

Co-Founder, IMPUTE Inc.

Hirofumi Hamanaka has over 30 years of experience in the field of healthcare and pharmaceuticals. His main expertise is in the field of clinical developments. Over the years, he has worked for and lead product divisions for various pharma companies, including Pfizer, Sanofi & Merck. He is based in Tokyo and has a master’s degree in pharmaceutical science.

Kunal A.

Co-Founder, IMPUTE Inc.

Kunal is a software architect with a strong background in the field of analytics, cloud and emerging technologies. He has worked on many projects in these areas over the years.

Dr. Kartikey Shukla

Neurosurgeon, Advisor IMPUTE Inc.

Dr. Kartikey has a master's degree in genral surgery, and an MCh in brain surgery from AIIMS, India. He has experience in brain and spine tumours and trauma surgery of the central nervous system

He is highly motivated to engage in further research of ASD/ADHD and other neurodevelopmental disorders.

Masaki Arai

Executive Advisor

Masaki is a seasoned entrepreneur, being active in both Japan and China. He has helped many startups in the early- and growth phases. He has worked with the Autism Center in Japan and has seen up close the challenges associated with autism. He is dedicated to the making of DTx for Autism to solve the challenging problem of ASD.

Kenichi Nishida

Scientific Advisor

Kenichi has 35 years of experience working in R&D in the pharma industry. He leads our clinical trials and provides invaluable feedback to the team.

John Sylvester

Content Developer

John is responsible for content creation and editing. He has extensive experience in both of these areas, as well as in teaching.

Atinder Pal Singh

Lead iOS Developer

Atinder has more than 8 years of experience in iOS development. He has worked on many complex projects developing front end in swift.

Shiho Tatara

Office Manager, IMPUTE Inc.

Shiho has long experience in general administration. She takes care for key office management and key HR functions.

Antara Vyas

Healthcare Consultant

Antara has a master's degree in biotechnology, and has extensive knowledge of pharma- and medical-device market research. She is focused on information management and clinical-trial preparation at IMPUTE.

Lokesh Panchal

Lead backend Developer

Lokesh has more than 10 years of experience in backend development and cloud infrastructure. He has extensive experience in handling complex projects and leading teams.


Creative director

Creative director - Mayank has long experience in digital content creation and film making. He is passionate about creating innovative content for Children.